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Membership Eligibility

Eligibility Requirements: Any person, regardless of age, gender, nationality or race, who plays the game of golf with either one hand only on the club (Unassisted Division), or one hand and an assisting device such as a prosthetic arm or hand or a residual stump (Assisted Division) as a result of a permanent disability.

Membership Options: Regular Membership $25/year - Eligible for all member benefits; may play in NAOAGA sanctioned events including the annual Championship; receive Newsletter & other mailings; may serve on Board of Directors or as an Officer to the association.

Associate Membership $25/year: Available to any person, organization or company that chooses to financially support the association regardless of disability, or lack thereof, and the manner in which the game of golf is played, if at all. Associate members are not eligible to participate in Championship play, but do receive other benefits including Newsletter and other mailings.

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